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Optical straightness control system

The UDM optical straightness control system is designed for use in or off line and can be integrated into any existing drawing line. When used in line, we position it preferably at the exit of the reeling machine in-between the unloading bench and chamfering machine or collection pockets.
The system is designed give the opportunity to check the straightness of every single bar passing through its vision and accurately measuring its straightness, while able to keep up with a production line speed of 100m/min or 30 bars/min.

The UDM "Patent Pending" optical straightness control system works by using very accurate camera system which takes pictures of the bars as they roll past 3 lenses. The 2 cameras are positioned at the two extremes of the bar while the third is positioned over the center of the bar.
The digital cameras have a very high frame rate and take multiple pictures of the bars as they roll through the photo area. A line is plotted through the three points and through extrapolation, the straightness can be calculated. As the cameras take multiple pictures of the bar as it passes, one is certain to measure all axes of the bar and have the most accurate measurement.
Due to the accuracy of these cameras, our repeatability of the measurement is extremely high and our tolerance for measurement is 0.05mm/m. The units are designed with mobile cameras to adjust for different lengths of bars.

The UDM optical straightness control system is designed for the following applications:
  • Round bars: 10 – 35 mm Diameter (other sizes on request)
  • Length: 3-4m or 3-5m (other length on request)
  • Rate of production: Up to 30 bars per minute
  • Tolerance of measurement: 0.05mm/m

The UDM optical straightness control system has additional feature for reporting and statistical analysis included. As each bar is measured as it passes through the unit, its measurement is recorded and stored. These measurements can be stored either as a general figure or relative to a production batch or a production day.

In the analysis pages of the HMI, one can see have it set up to analyze the production to see not just the amount of the production that was not straight but also to analyze the good production. For example if the cut off straightness is 0.5mm/m, the system can be set up to see how much of the production is between 0.5 and 0.4mm/m, how much is between 0.4 and 0.1mm/m and so on.

Depending on the exit system after the unit, it can be set up also to unload the bars into multiple pockets relative to their straightness. This can allow production to sort the bars into different batches depending on the tolerances requested.

As every bar is measured, they can be given a value and not just a good or not good rating. Our system is able to transmit these values of each bar to a laser to mark each bar with its straightness.  As an option, a laser can be supplied for the marking on the bar of the straightness.

We have many different solutions for integrating our straightness control system into existing drawing lines. In addition to our system we are able to supply single or double collecting pockets in exit or even an automatic bundling line.
Please contact us so we can prepare a proposal for your line.