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Landing Cooling


Are you looking for a cooling machine that can work both with water and with air? Do you want to cancel dead times and material wastes in case of changeover?
Secondary Cooling Machine is the perfect accessory machine for you! Ideal for the Cooling of the material coming out from the Continous caster, this innovative system differs from all the others.

Secondary Cooling Machine is:
  • Removable, the material cooling system can easily be lifted from the rest of the machine for any need, from control to maintenance
  • Maximum productivity, it is possible to remove the cooling system also during the casting without having to stop the process and lose time and money
  • Adjustable, the position of the water distribution rings can be changed depending on the desired direction and distance between one and the other
  • Two choices in one move, the machine can work both with billet of 200 mm and 300 mm of diameter, it just needs to adjust the heights with a single movement, without having to disassemble the whole system
  • Versatility, the system can easily switch from a water to a air working

All UDM systems are characterized by a tailor-made making, starting from customer requirements. Innovation, high technology and experience come together in a flexible and on demand planning of machineries that can provide solutions to different problems.

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