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Optical Straightness control: One Year Tested


The first Optical straightness control system (OSC) was started up at the beginning of 2014 and after over a year of use, only good things can be said!
The unit was installed in exit of a size 2 combined line producing from 10 to 32mm with a line speed up to 100m/min. The unit is able to check each bar as it passes by and relate real time analysis of the production to the operator. The results have been impressive for many reasons, not only for catching defect bars but also with learning more about the material being processed.
Some of our findings are a change in straightness from the beginning to the end of the coil (non ferrous materials) due to extrusion temperatures and variance in the diameter of the extruded material. These changes can be related to either quality of the extrusion dies or the variation of temperatures from the beginning to the end of the extrusion.
These changes need further analysis but show how from the production statistics that the standard unit has, one is able to understand the process better and help increase quality throughout the production cycle.
In addition, tooling time has been reduced as we noticed the simple reduction in time to set up the machine as with time, the operators of the line have gained trust in the unit and no longer check manually the first bars as they start the production of a new dimension, but rely solely on the data being shown on the HMI.