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Straightener for Special Profiles Model RD-3


Special straightener for architectonic profiles with the added benefit of being able to adjust both upper and lower roll positions. Due to the added amounts of adjustment, it allows the user to fit multiple shape rolls at the same time so as to straighten complicated shaped profiles. 
In addition to all the possible adjustment, the unit has the possibility to clamp the material so as to exert on the rolls extra force where needed, which helps as each pair of rolls are used to guide the material and straighten it while not damaging the shape of the profile - rolls are directly over each other and not spaced out.

  • Opposed rolls placed directly on top of each other not spaced as with traditional straighteners
  • Each pair of rolls clamp the material and exert the force.
  • All rolls are independently adjustable from one another.
  • Both upper and lower rolls can be independently moved
  • Possibility to mount multiple shape rolls at the same time
  • Clamp system for extra control