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WIRE 2016 stand 09 / A07


This year we will bring in Düsseldorf technology and innovation to increase reliability and performance.                                                                                                
We will present the expansion of the products range with a focus on new Special Drawing Line Combined with an electric push pointer and the new Electrical Flying Shears:

  • Totally electric,
  • Adaptable on both new lines and revamping lines
  • Reducing energy consumption by up to 20%

In a market which demands more and more attention to quality and efficiency of the products, UDM has developed a series of high-quality machines, capable  of integrating several requirements of the customer/end user. These are technologically advanced systems, characterized by a significant added value compared to most competitor products in terms of:
  • High functional quality of manufacturing components
  • Reliability and guaranteed accuracy
  • Improvement in standards of performance  of that currently available (finished product)
  • Simplification of working cycle thanks to the use of latest technologies.